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Yam Porridge is a delicious semi-solid African food that you can easily take as a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal. Porridge also makes a great exotic presence in a party menu because it is not common sight to find porridge on African food menus for parties. Yam Porridge is most appreciated by especially loved young people but aged ones also value it for its semi-solid state..

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Yam Porridge can be prepared with pepper alone. However, for a truly exotic taste a nice mix of vegetables, sweet potato, and a handful of beans goes a long way in liberating the taste buds. If you choose to go the pepper style alone, it does not make it less of a yam porridge.


1 tuber of yam

2 cubes of seasoning (jumbo chicken stock powder)

Red pepper with tomato

1Medium sized onion

2 cooking spoon of palm oil

3 Handful of crayfish

2 pieces of Dry fish

1teaspoon of salt

curry and thyme

Vegetable(not compulsory)

3 pieces of Sweet Potato (not compulsory)

Before cooking

Peel the yam, slice it, and then dice the yam to hasten the boiling stage. Place the diced yam in a bowl and rinse till it is clean. Do the same for the sweet potatoes if you are mixing it the porridge. You’ll need to blend the little pepper, together with tomato and onions together (don’t blend it smooth). Then put in a plate and place aside. Prepare a clean cooking pot and rinse the dry fish. For the vegetable, remove the leaf and cut in a bowl, rinse and put in a plate.

Cooking Process

Arrange the yam inside the cooking pot and place on your gas cooker, add water (little above the yam) and cover for 10 minutes. Yam doesn’t take time much time to cook and diced yam get cooked even faster. Add the palm oil, pour the pepper, salt, seasoning powder, crayfish, curry and thyme, cover for3minutes. When it has simmered, add the vegetable with the dry fish. Stir all together and leave for 2minutes.

Hmmm, something is smelling delicious already. Watch as everyone in your house trace their ways to the kitchen. Don’t waste time serving them the tasty yam porridge. A chilled glass of fruit juice make the African food just perfect. Enjoy.

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