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African food dish has a large number for die-hard fans and this is evident in the number of people searching African food recipes online. Some people love African food because of its exotic nature. Others love African cuisine because of its rich tastiness. Some are drawn to African foods because of the spicy hotness, and for others, African food brings about nostalgia for the motherland.

African food dish

If you are already into African food or if you are just coming on board for this exciting ride we would love to hear from you. Kindly let us know the part of Africa that interests you or if you are from Africa, and your favorite food from that region.

We will also appreciate if you can send us a list of ingredients needed to make the dish and a recipe on how the food is prepared. A picture of the food will also be a whole lot of help to encourage others that might want to try their hands on making your favorite African food dish. We would be really glad if your recipes can be at least 300 words long, but you are welcome to send in shorter entries.

Have you ever surprised your family, friends, or guests with an African food dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner? What was the experience like? What were the responses at the table? We would love to read about your experiences with this. Please feel very free to share with us.

Are you planning to prepare another African food dish anytime soon? Which African food do you want to prepare, how are you planning to source for the ingredients? We would like to know what is on your mind.

Please share your ideas, recipes, experiences with African foods in the comments to the post. We are double sure that the rest of the community would be very much interested in reading them. Thanks.

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