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Nigerian food

Keke Fieye is an African food from the Ijaw nation of Southern Nigeria. Keke Fieye is simply unripe plantain porridge but it is prepared with snail to give it an exotic feel. Keke Fieye is nutritious and so easy to prepare.



7-10 unripe plantains

1 cup ground Crayfish

15cl Palm oil

1 cup beans or more (optional)

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Coconut rice is an African food that coconut has its core ingredient. You’ll especially love coconut rice because of its Afro-Caribbean roots. This African food is similar to Jollof rice but it looks, smells, and tastes differently.


3 cups of parboiled rice

500mls of tomato stew

600mls coconut milk


2 Maggi (jumbo chicken stock powder)

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Boiled yam and Palm oil sauce is an African food that can be taken as breakfast or lunch and it makes tummy full without making you feel bloated. Boiling of yam is easy; yam is prepared without adding serious ingredients. Boiled yam and Palm oil sauce can be eaten with Garden Egg Stew, Beef and Chicken, Fried Egg or Omelets,… Continue reading →

African Salad is an African food that has its roots imported from western salad; however, it is delicious. African Salad requires so many ingredients to make it tastier and attractive. African Salad can be taken anytime of the day, but you’ll feel relaxed after the meal.


2 to 3 handfuls Abacha

2 cups Ugba

Red Palm oil

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Jollof rice is practically the most popular African food. It is the only African food that can never be found wanting in a party menu. It is also a favorite among children; they can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jollof rice is very popular in Africa especially Nigeria. Jollof Rice can be taken by adult and young.

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Efo Riro (vegetable soup) is traditional African food that is at home in most Nigerian tribes. It has some variations in preparation along tribal lines but everyone both young and old enjoys it. As complex as Efo Riro looks when supporting a plate of Pounded Yam, it is quite easy to prepare, as you will find out below.


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