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African Soups

Nkwobi is a delicious African food that that you are sure to love. Nkwobi comprises of different kinds of meats of your choice. Nkwobi is easy to prepare.


2kg Meat (assorted meat, chicken, wild meat, goat, cow tail)

Palm oil

1-handful Utazi leaves

1-teaspoon edible potash (kaun)

1 cup Ugba

1 teaspoon ground Calabash Nutmeg (Ehu)

2-Medium onions

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Abak Atama Soup is a delicious African food also known as palm nut soup. The use of the Atama leaves which gives the Atama soup nuts distinctive taste and aroma. The leaf is a vegetable with a strong aroma.


1kg Assorted meat (Beef, Pomo, bush meat, goat meat)

Medium Dried/Smoked fish (optional)

Fresh fish

Stocked fish (optional)

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Ogbono soup is an African food also called Draw soup. It can be taken with any swallow food, most especially fufu because of the slimy nature and ogbono is most preferred than okro soup. Some people like ogbono soup with vegetable or egusi while some people with okra or plain ogbono soup. Whatever, your preference is, the recipe below will… Continue reading →