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African Dish

Oha soup is an African food that is quite popular because of its unique taste. Only a few African soups can compete with Oha soup term of taste, color and expected nutritional value. Oha leaves do not lose their nutritional properties during the preparation. Oha soup is very known to be a delicious soup and Oha soup goes well with… Continue reading →

African cuisines and food has been a subject of fascination and interest globally as Asians, Europeans, and Americans usually wonder what makes up the typical African food. An academic evaluation of African cuisine will show you that most African foods; even though starch-based are actually fortified with other classes of food to make a balanced diet. Below are some three… Continue reading →

African food history cannot be separated from the history of Africans wherever they currently are in the world. Africans have a long and rich history and this is evident in our diet. Long before the arrival of the Arabs and White Men, and even before slave trade and the scramble for Africa, Africans have been creating excellent food from the… Continue reading →