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Smoked Fish – The Best Source of Protein

Have you been planning on ways to reduce your carb intake lately? Smoked fish should be among your new plan of diet because it has abundance protein content that can make up your balance diet. It’s an important part in cooking of African food most especially vegetable soup.

Based on what the U.S. Department of Agriculture says, fish is good when consumed in moderation. Eating two servings of fish every week as part of your diet makes you a healthy person. 60 % of the world consumption of protein annually is derived from fish while 30 % of protein consumed by developing countries is gotten from fish.

In coaster West Africa, 80 % of animal protein been consumed by them is gotten from fish because it is readily available. While in Nigeria, 40 % of animal protein intake is gotten from fish. That’s the reason why the demand of fish keeps increasing because it’s a major source of protein. Another reason why the demand is on the rise is because of increase in world population, higher living standard and the people awareness towards its health benefit.

Fresh fish is good for making some recipe like pepper soup and some other soup dishes while smoked fish as uniqueness in taste. The major reason why fish is been smoked is mainly because of preservation. Catfish is commonly preserved by smoking it in a kiln and by adding little salt to it so that when dried, it will stay for a longer period.

Smoke fish vs Fresh Fish

Most fish is eating today because of one advantage; this is because they are a good source of lean protein. Lean protein is very important when you are trying to build muscle mass in the body when you involve in good exercise program.

Smoked fish have low saturated fat in them and still retain their high amount of lean protein that is the reason why many people prefer it to fresh ones.

Smoked fish is good in vegetable soup than fresh fish. It gives a sensational aroma and taste when used in soup or in sauce than in fresh fish.

Smoked fish can be kept for long when it is dried and contain lesser moisture while fresh fish can only be consumed immediately when there is no refrigerator.   

Take Note of This !!!

The best way to consume smoked fish is to do it in moderation. Even though it’s good for you, don’t feed your stomach with smoked fish to avoid stomach cancer. Although, if you are sure of your smoked fish source if it’s free from any carcinogenic materials and the fish is raised in controlled environment you are good to go. This will help you from contacting food poison from your smoked fish.

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