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Plantain is a bigger form of banana if we are to go for the easiest description. Either ripe or unripe plantain is preferably cooked before heating unlike banana that can be eaten on the go. Plantains contain calcium and it’s abundant in them making it the best supplier of calcium to the body for stronger bones, teeth and nails. It also contains fiber and vitamin C, Vitamin A and potassium more than banana. Plantain is one of the African Foods that Typical Black-Man believes in to have good benefit for their Sex life.


Unripe plantain taste is neutral in nature – that is not sweet and not bitter – while ripe plantains have a sweet sensational taste. The unripe plantain is used for chips, flour and can be cooked to be eaten with stew or turn it to porridge and can be roasted which is generally known as Boli (Yoruba – Nigeria language) while ripe plantain can fried and be eaten with many delicacies, it is called Dodo in Yoruba language.


Fried ripped plantain is a common food among people of Africa mostly in Nigeria, it’s a household food which children are fond of. Unripe one can also be fried to form chips but many children are not fond it because it’s not bitter nor sweet. Some add sugar to it to make it looks tasty.


There are lots of health benefits in unripe plantain than ripped one. Let us see reasons why we should concentrate our attention on eating unripe plantain:

·         It Reduces Sugar Intake: When you take unripe banana, it helps reduce the sugar intake and makes the sugar in the body not to rise above normal.

·         It Contains Iron: Unripe one is rich in iron and this iron is important in our body because it conveys oxygen to the tissues in the body.

·         Good for belly weight loss: Unripe ones is full of fibre and makes your stomach full fast and for long making you not to consume unnecessary calories that can make you add more fat.

·         It’s a recommended food for diabetic patient: Unripe plantain is one of the food Doctor’s always place diabetic patient on because of its low sugar content and high fibre content.

·         Boosts sexual performance: eating unripe plantain improve sexual performance by increasing libido, helps male fertility, thicker sperm and volume. To perform more wonders, garlic and garlic can be added to form good African food recipes.

·         Treat anaemia and neuritis: the presence of Vitamin B6 help in curing the inflammation of the nerves (neuritis) and help increase the red blood cells in the blood of a patient (Anaemia) that lacks it.

·         It helps in smooth movements of bowel: this is due to its richness in fibre. High fibre food makes the bowel movement become easier and reduce constipation.

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