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Owofibo also known as owho/owo/oghwo/owhoephri is a creamy yellow Niger-delta delicacy, peculiar to the Urhobos, Itsekiris, and Isokohs of Delta state. Owofibo is no doubt an African food, and is very delicious as you would expect.



7 pieces Beef

4 pieces Pomo

1 cup periwinkles (optional)

1 small smoked fish

2 cooking spoons palm oil

3 handful of yellow Garri

2 handful starch

Seasoning (Jumbo Chicken Stock Powder)

2 tablespoon dried Pepper

1 teaspoon crayfish

1 small Urheri

Salt (to taste)

Before Cooking

Sieve the yellow Garri. Wash the dry fish very well, clean the periwinkle with limejuice, with the blunt end of the knife, top, tail the periwinkles, and wash thoroughly.

In a medium-sized cooking pot, cook the beef and Pomo with salt and seasoning for about ten minutes.

In a mortar, pound the Urheri (native salt) into powdered form, and using a teaspoon’s worth, pour in a clean bowl.

Cooking Steps

In a clean large pot, add 1.5 liters of water, pour the sieved Garri into the pot, put on the gas cooker, and stir over flame until the Garri is thick. Bring the Garri to boil.

Now add the cooked meat and Pomo with the stock into the cooking pot with the Garri, add the dried pepper, crayfish (please note that adding too much crayfish darkens the soup.) then cook for about five minutes.

Add the periwinkles and the smoked fish. Leave and allow boiling.

Take out the bowl that contains the powdered native salt, and add the 2 handful of starch, two cooking spoons of palm oil, and a cup of water. Mix in the bowl, pour the mixture into the cooking pot, and blend in with a wooden spatula until you get your desired consistency. If the soup is too thick, you can add warm water to loosen the soul up a little. The oil should blend in nicely and not float around the soup.

Leave the soup for three to five minutes more before turning off the gas cooker or burner. Leave to cool for about two minutes before serving. Enjoy this African food by serving the owo soup with boiled yam, starch (Usi), or unripe plantain.

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