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Okra Soup is a staple African food that can be used to eat different kind of solid African foods –especially Garri and Akpu. Okra soup is easy to prepare, the cooking process is simple and the soup is ready within a very short time; yet, it simplicity and speed of preparation doesn’t make it any less delicious. We have provided you with an easy-to-follow recipe that will make you an expert in the preparation of Okra soup in no time.

Okra Soup


Fresh Okra (okro)

Red pepper (grounded pepper)

Fish (crayfish, dried fish)


2 Cubes of Seasoning powder (Jumbo chicken stock powder)

Locust beans (Iru)

1 Small sized Onion

Before cooking

Rinse the okro (Okra) well and cut the Okra using your hand grater and set inside a bowl. Grind your fresh pepper (or you can use dry ground pepper)—note Okra soup is best prepared without tomato.

Wash the meat and Ponmo and rinse the fish well (pick out the bones and dirt out from the fish) then place in a plate. You should also rinse the locust beans and slice the onion in a small plate. Make sure that everything is ready before you start cooking because Okra doesn’t like staying too long of the fire.

Cooking   Steps

Rinse the cooking bowl for the stew, this standard practice irrespective of what you want to cook. Place your cooking bowl on the gas cooker, add a small quantity of water (the water shouldn’t be more than the okra) add the onions inside and leave it to boil for about 1minute.

Pour the Okra in the pot and leave for another 2 minutes, don’t cover the pot to prevent the soup from rising and boiling over. Add the ground pepper, stir together and leave for another two minutes. Add salt, seasoning and put in the fish and ponmo, mix them altogether then leave for 2minutes.

Your Okra is ready to eat with any solid African food of your choice, enjoy your meal.


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