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Afang leaves or okasi leave is derived from the Afang tree (gnetum Africanum) and it’s called Wild Spinach.  It is found mainly in the deepest forest of West and Central Africa particularly in countries like Nigeria, Congo DC and some other Africa countries. It’s also available in Asia and South America countries.

This leave is use to make special delicacies like afang, okasi and nsala soups. The people that consume it most are people that come from Akwa Ibom and people from southern and central part of Cross River State. This leaves is a good source of some important vitamins, minerals and aminoic acids like glutamic acid, aspartic acid and leucine.

The major different afang soup has against other delicacy is that it is prepared mainly from the afang leaf and water leaf (thallium triangulate) additional with some necessary condiments to make it unique.

Nutritional value of Okasi leave:

Many scientists have worked on okasi leave to determine the nutritional facts and health benefit it can give to humans. One of the facts obtained shows that okasi leave or Gnetum Africanum as it is known by its botanical name has in them calories that if measure with normal cup measurement, it contains 307 calories per cup. Going by the suggested daily intake, which is 2000 calories, we can say the calories of okazi constitute more than 15 % of the daily calorie intake. That is why its recommended for people dieting and want to lose some weight to take little of it because to burn the calories in a cup of Okasi leave will take up to 20 minutes.

It also contains fats. This adds to the high calorie content of the leaf. When cooked as soup, it could give up to 7 grams of fat per servings. Dietary fat is believe to provide long energy to the body during exercise session and aids the absorption of vital nutrients. Going by the expert saying, eating of unsaturated fat helps in maintaining healthy cholesterol level.

Contains 16 grams of protein per cup: This type of protein quantity is twice the amount of protein milk contains. Everyone is aware of the importance of protein to the body, that it provides enough amino acids that build and repair muscle and other important tissues when they worn out or become weak.

Rich in Carbohydrate: The carbohydrates it possesses are up to 5 grams per serving. 3 grams comes from dietary fibre, while 2 grams comes from sugar. When afang soup is eating, it fills the stomach than other type of soup. This is because dietary fibre makes you have the feelings of satiety and helps the food to digest fast then controls the level of blood sugar in the human body.

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