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Oha soup is an African food that is quite popular because of its unique taste. Only a few African soups can compete with Oha soup term of taste, color and expected nutritional value. Oha leaves do not lose their nutritional properties during the preparation. Oha soup is very known to be a delicious soup and Oha soup goes well with any solid food of your choice.


Vegetable, Ora (Oha) leaves

Assorted Beef (shaki)

Fish (Dry Fish, Stock Fish)

3 Cooking Spoons Palm oil

Cocoyam (6 small corms) or Achi

Chilli pepper


Seasoning (Jumbo Chicken Stock Powder)

Salt (to taste)

1 teaspoon Ogiri Igbo (optional)

Before Cooking

Grind the crayfish and pepper together, and set aside. Wash the shaki, beef, stock fish and dry fish and place in a plate.

Wash and boil the cocoyam corms until soft. Remove the peels, use mortar, and pestle to pound the corms to a smooth paste. If the cocoyam is not available use Achi (it will also act as thickener), few tablespoons will be dissolved in little water to form a paste. In addition, the thickening can be done at the point when it is to be added.

Using your fingers, pick the Ora (Oha) leaves and cut into small pieces. (Using knife to cut the Ora leaves will make the vegetable darker). This is one of the unique actions that makes an African food such as Oha soup exotic.

Cooking Steps

Pour water in a cooking pot and pour the washed shaki, stock fish and dry fish, leave to cook, until tender, now add the washed beef, little seasoning, and leave for 4 minutes. Add the grinded crayfish with pepper and add Ogiri Igbo, leave for about 8minutes.

Add the pounded cocoyam paste (or the dissolved Achi) in small lumps and then add the palm oil.

Cover the pot and leave to cook until all the cocoyam lumps have dissolved.

Ensure you stir to prevent the soup sticking to the pot, add little water if you feel that the soup is too thick. Add the Ora (Oha) leaves and cook for about 3 to 4minutes. Add seasoning and salt to taste, stir and serve Oha soup with any solid African food.

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