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Ofada Rice is an exotic African food even by Nigerian standards because it is native to the core part of southwest Nigeria. The unique local rice used in preparing Ofada Rice adds to its exotic taste because the rice has not be processed and it still retains much of its taste and nutrients. The taste is unique but people are usually scared of preparing the meal because of the presence of the stones in the rice.


The best part is that you can always buy packaged Ofada Rice in African food stores now. The packaged ones have been picked and quality control-check to remove foreign particles. Hence, there is nothing stopping you from enjoy the delicious Ofada Rice.


3 Cups of Local Rice                                                                                                                                                                                 Salt (To Taste)

Before Cooking

Once the stones are picked and taken out; what next, you wash severally with clean water to close to 4 to 5 times and some could be extra dirty so wash till the water comes clean and put in a clean bowl.

Cooking Steps

Get a cooking pot, rinse the pot, add water into the pot and pour in the picked and washed rice. Let the water be more than the rice, cover the cooking pot, and parboil for about 10 minutes. After the Rice has been parboiled, pour it in a sieve and then inside a clean bowl that contains water. You should rinse the rice about three times. Rinse the cooking pot and pour the rice back into the pot. Add salt and clean water to cook the rice to the final stage. The final stage is when the Ofada Rice is soft to touch.

Ofada Rice is set and ready to be served. The traditional serving technique for this African food requires that you wrap the Ofada rice in leaves. It depends on your choice but the leaves add to the exotic feel of the food.

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