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Nsala soup is one of the most delicious soups you’ll find in the African food category, mostly in Nigeria. Nsala Soup has Igbo Origins where it is called “Ofe Nsala”, it is also called “White Soup” in the contempary food industry. Nsala soup is not that common but once prepared, you wouldn’t want it to finish.

Nsala Soup



Meat (goat meat/beef/anyone of your choice)

1 cup Ground Crayfish

2 Medium Size Dried fish

Seasoning (Jumbo Chicken Stock Powder)

2 teaspoons ground Uziza Seeds

Uziza Leaves

I medium Onion

Snail (optional)

Utazi leaves (optional)

Red Ground Pepper

Salt (to taste)

Before Cooking

Cut the yam to 6-8 slices is enough. Peel, wash, and boil the yam. Pound the yam with a mortar and pestle, set in a bowl.

Grind the crayfish, Uziza seeds, wash, and slice the Uziza seeds. In case you are using snail, wash with alum (lime or potash) to remove the slimy fluid thoroughly but the snail is optional.

Slice the medium onion. Cut and wash the meat. Wash the dried fish with hot water.

Cooking Steps

Put the cooking pot on the gas cooker and set the washed meat in the pot. Parboil the meat and add half seasoning, the sliced onion, and a pinch of salt. Parboil the meat until it is tender and soft enough to be eaten.

Add the hot water-washed dried fish into the parboiled meat, add 2-3cups of cold water (the amount of water for Nsala soup depends on the ingredients available and the number of people that wants to consume the soup). Cover the cooking pot and leave for 10-15minutes, until the meat and dried fish are both soft for consumption.

Add the grinded crayfish, grinded Uziza seeds and ground red pepper (ensure you taste the soup before adding ground red pepper, because the Uziza seeds are also pepperish). However, it is rare to see an African food that lacks a spicy edge.

Taste the soup now, add the remaining seasoning, and salt to taste. Now add the pounded yam, you can add half of the pounded yam and watch for few minutes, if the soup is not thick enough you can add little more. Nsala soup tastes very smooth when it is not too thick.

Add the sliced Uziza and Utazi leaves. Utazi should be used sparingly for white soup, Utazi is just to add a faint bitter taste. Leave for 3-5minutes and serve this African food with pounded yam or fufu.

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