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Keke Fieye is an African food from the Ijaw nation of Southern Nigeria. Keke Fieye is simply unripe plantain porridge but it is prepared with snail to give it an exotic feel. Keke Fieye is nutritious and so easy to prepare.


Keke Fieye 2Ingredients

7-10 unripe plantains

1 cup ground Crayfish

15cl Palm oil

1 cup beans or more (optional)

Red Pepper

Seasoning (Jumbo Chicken Stock Powder)

1 teaspoon ground Uziza Seeds

Dried fish

Meat (optional)

Unshelled snails

A handful Scent Leaves

Before cooking

Peel off the green back of the unripe plantain and slice the plantain into small pieces — a kitchen knife is best for the slicing of the unripe plantain. Grind the crayfish and Uziza seed, place in a plate. Wash the dried fish with hot water, cut, and wash the meat. Set them aside. Slice the scent leaves in a plate.

Soak the snails with salt for about 15minutes to remove the slimy fluid. Wash the snail thoroughly before breaking the bottom of the snail, now break the bottom just a little so that you don’t lose the green water and break when you are about to add them to the food.

If you are cooking with the beans, start cooking until the beans is about to be done, then pouring in a sieve to drain the water. Keke Fieye can be prepared with unripe plantain only but if you prefer with bean, you can mix with the beans and unripe plantain together.

Cooking Steps

Place your cooking bowl on the gas cooker and add two cups of water, add the washed dry fish, meat and the grinded crayfish and Uziza seeds. Add the red palm oil, red pepper, and seasoning. Allow to boil for 2-4 minutes.

Now add the parboiled beans and sliced unripe plantain, cook until it is almost soft enough for consumption but if the water is not dried, you can add more water.

Add salt to taste and add the snails. Cover and cook for about ten minutes before adding the sliced scent leaves, cover again for five minutes. Keke Fieye is now ready to be served as rare African food delicacy. Enjoy.

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