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Jollof rice is practically the most popular African food. It is the only African food that can never be found wanting in a party menu. It is also a favorite among children; they can eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Jollof rice is very popular in Africa especially Nigeria. Jollof Rice can be taken by adult and young.

Jollof Rice


2-Cigar Cups (Tolly Boy Easy Cook) Long Grain Rice

Vegetable Oil



Fresh Pepper

Salt (to taste)

Seasoning (Jumbo Chicken Stock Powder)

2-Medium Onions

1-tablespoon thyme

Before Cooking

Grind the fresh pepper and tomato, Put in a plate. Slice the 2 medium onions. Cut the chicken into pieces and wash the chicken. Cook the washed chicken with thyme, half seasoning, and half of the sliced onions. The cooking time depends on the type of chicken u want to prepare. You may also fry the chicken after it has been boiled to give a golden look, which will be more presentable. Put in a plate and place aside.

Pour the rice in a cooking pot, add water to the rice, and place on the gas cooker, leave for 3 minutes, just to parboil the rice. Rinse the parboiled rice twice and put in a sieve to drain.

Cooking Steps

Add vegetable oil into your cooking pot and place on the gas cooker. Heat up the vegetable oil and pour the grinded fresh pepper, tomato, with the half sliced onions and half seasoning to make a stew. Cover and Leave the stew for 3 minutes to boil. Pour the chicken stock inside the stew and cover the stew for another 2 minutes.

Now, add the drained parboiled rice and water to the stew, the parboiled rice and water should be at the same level to ensure that all the water dries up by the time the rice is cooked, add salt (to taste) to the rice. Cover the pot and leave to cook on medium heat, in order to prevent the rice from burning. Leave for 2 minutes. Check to see if there is a need to add more water and taste the rice to confirm that the rice is soft. If it is still hard, keep cooking until done, Cover the pot. Ensure the water dries up. African Jollof Rice is ready; you can serve with Fried Plantain, Moi Moi. Jollof Rice is an African food that easy to prepare and a delicious meal for all. Enjoy.



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