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African and Caribbean foods are raw natural products frequently grown at the subsistence stage across Africa.
From the plain of Ashanter to the Zambezi estuaries, far afield to Casablanca castles, Lagos, Calabar and Lome to the famous and renowned Alexandria port, African food is cooked from ingredients made from millet, cassava, cocoyam, sorghum, matoke, plantain, rice, beans, fish, poultry, palm oil, bush meat, yam, beef as well as wide selections of veggies and fruits and so much more.
There are food products rich in fibers as well as low in additives and sugars, offering a balanced nutritional diet if well-prepared and eaten.

Rich History of African Food
The history of authentic and genuine African food has been illustrated by both Western and African early writers with massive and immense elegance. The African has always given serious awareness to what they consume or eat. African people are stuffed with long lists of adapted and original cuisine that mirror their historic cultures and interactions.
Olaudah Equiano is also known as Gustavus Vassa, one of the first African writers in the UK that provide evidence in his report that the typical African foods are free from refinements and modification in cookery that ruin the taste of food. He was detained and taken to the US as a prison at eleven years old, from what now came to be called Nigeria and afterwards got his liberty for £40.00.
The extremely balanced form of preparing food seen in various communities in Africa at this point in time was native to Africa many years, even before the trade of the slave and the incursion of Arabian tradesmen in which continent.
The story of Gustavus Vassa or Olaudah Equino is still common in newly found African people giving proof to the fact. Anywhere they went, Africans took along with them their way of cooking. As a result, Africans all over the world are still cooking alike with a little bit of variations and styles.
Like the Asian counterparts, a lot of African cuisines are relatively hot and spicy, cooked with hot chilies and peppers which is a popular trend in many hot countries in Asia.
In the West Indies, Caribbean food and African food isn’t a great deviation from typical and conventional dishes.
In the Northern part of America, American-African foods in general are referred to as food for the soul. Many Africans people who brought this in spite of being deprived of the right component with which to cook these meals. Thankfully, food for the soul is now very common and eaten over and over again in America by Black Communities.
African food today is offered in various parts of the world. As a matter of fact, a lot of African foods can be obtained over the net. Yes! You heard it right. A lot of online stores offer various types of African foods so anywhere you are in the world, you have a chance to get your preferred African food and enjoy it at home.