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Health benefit of Coconut Milk

What is coconut milk, and how does it benefit your health? Coconut milk is been considered as a ‘miracle liquid’. The reason is because it offers great benefit most especially in building up body’s immune defences and prevents diseases. Although coconut milk is not actually dairy milk at all – not like the normal milk present in store – but a natural liquid found inside a fresh and mature coconuts.

When the outer pod of a fresh coconut is broken, you will see the milky white liquid that comes out of it; this substance is natural coconut water. You can get the coconut milk by blending the coconut meat and then strain it; the liquid you extracted from it is thicker coconut “milk”.

Going by research made by scientist, the more coconut matures the more the water inside it been replaced to form the meat thereby making the aged the best producer of coconut milk. For coconut water production, the younger coconut will be the best for it because at 5-7 month the water content is still high. Coconut water is higher in sugar and contains some electrolytes, while coconut milk contains healthy saturated fatty acids and possess calories in it.

Coconut Milk Nutrition Facts 

Coconut milk contains nutritional benefit that is good for human consumptions. It contains a medium chain fatty acid called lauric acid which is easily absorbed and convert to energy by the body. Its fatty acids are primarily saturated fats which can’t raise your cholesterol because coconut milk do help in lowering cholesterol levels and improve blood pressure thereby protect heart attack or stroke in human.

It is better if you take small serving of full-fat coconut milk than you would take a regular milk or coconut water because coconut milk contains high calories. The best serving should not be more than ½ a cup at once. There are “light” coconut milks that the fat is removed and a thinner, lower-calories milk is achieved. This milk is good for those who are allergic to dairy milk because it did not contains lactose, soy, nuts or grain based milks. It’s also good for vegetarians or people who like plant-based food.

  • Here are some health benefits of coconut milk in brief:
  • It contain substances that prevents human from having ulcers
  • It helps in weight loss because it’s not like dairy milk
  • It also improve the heart health when it reduce blood pressure and cholesterol in the body
  • It builds muscle due to the fatty acids it contains and this helps in weight loss
  • It prevents fatigue due to the presence of electrolytes
  • Its aids digestion and relieves constipation
  • It is also good in blood sugar control and good for diabetes patient.
  • It also prevent joint inflammation and arthritis
  • It prevents anaemia.

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