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Fatteh is an African food made from garlic-flavored yogurt on a base of cooked garbanzo beans. Fatteh is delicious and can be serve with fried bread.




150g Garbanzo dry beans

2 courgettes

250g yogurt

6 tablespoons tahini

1-2 cloves garlic

80g pine seeds

1 bunch parsley

Salt (to taste)

Before Cooking

Rinse and cut the courgettes into rondelles. Crush the garlic. Cut the parsley and put in a plate. Soak the garbanzo beans for about four to six hours; the best thing to do is to soak the garbanzo beans the night before. Prepare the sauce with six tablespoons of organic tahine and plain fat free yogurt and place aside.

Cooking steps

Place the cooking pot on the gas cooker. Add water and pour in the soaked garbanzo beans (having the water a little above or at the same level with the soaked beans), boil the garbanzo beans and add a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate over a medium heat. Cook and leave for one hour.

Remove the cooked garbanzo beans and pour in a sieve, to drain water. Drain the water from the cooked garbanzo beans in a bowl, place the cooked garbanzo beans in a clean plate, and set aside.

Pour the water from the cooked garbanzo beans (one cup) into the tahine yogurt sauce. Pour the crushed garlic into the mixture. Add water or yogurt if needed (we are looking for a running consistency). Set aside to get the garlic flavor. Stir and set the mixture aside.

Grill pine seeds over a high heat. Stir often for five minutes or as soon as they are pinkish. Take the pan off the heat. Put in a plate and lay aside.

Put the cut courgettes in a cooking pot and add one tablespoon of water, salt, and one teaspoon of butter. Cover and leave it to steam at low heat for twenty minutes. Pour in a bowl.

Put the garbanzo beans and the courgettes in a large dish, take out the crush garlic over the sauce, add the tahine sauce, and add the grilled pine seeds. Add the parsley. Enjoy your Fatteh. This African food can be served with fried bread or croutons.

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