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Boiled yam and Palm oil sauce is an African food that can be taken as breakfast or lunch and it makes tummy full without making you feel bloated. Boiling of yam is easy; yam is prepared without adding serious ingredients. Boiled yam and Palm oil sauce can be eaten with Garden Egg Stew, Beef and Chicken, Fried Egg or Omelets, Tomato and pepper Sauce. Everyone irrespective of age or class mostly enjoys this African food.

Boiled Yam and Palm Oil Sauce


For Yam

White Puna yam (to your satisfaction)

Salt (to taste)

1 Cube Sugar (optional)

For Palmoil Sauce

1 Cup Palmoil

1 Medium onion

2 Red scotch bonnet peppers

1 teaspoon Cameroon Pepper, Ground

1 teaspoon Ground Crayfish

1/2 teaspoon salt

Before Cooking

For Yam, cut and slice the yam. Peel and wash the slices. Set, arrange, and put the yam pieces in the cooking pot. For the Palmoil sauce, Dice the medium onion in a plate, and dice the two red scotch bonnet peppers, place in a plate and set aside.

Cooking Steps

Place the washed, sliced yam in the cooking pot on the gas cooker, add water, a little higher than the yam, and add a cube of sugar (not compulsory).

Boil until the yam is soft, (the yam is soft when you easily dip your fork into the slices and the fork goes in without resistance). Add salt to taste and cover the yam for 2 minutes (so that the salt can seep well into the yam slices). Turn off the heat and drain the water.

Cover the pot and make the Palm oil sauce because Palm oil does not take much time. Pour the red palm oil in a small saucepan and place on the gas cooker. Leave to heat up for about a minute. Now add the diced Scotch bonnet pepper, diced onion, and salt. Stir and leave for about two minutes.

Add the ground Cameroon pepper and ground Crayfish. Reduce the heat of the gas cooker to the lowest and leave to simmer for about two minutes. Now turn off the gas cooker and enjoy this delicious African food, Boiled yam and Palm oil sauce.

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