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Bitter Leaves and Better Living

Just as the name implies, bitter leaves is a plant that taste bitter but it’s underneath benefits makes it a unique leaf. Bitter leaves is useful and posses lots of health benefits that our body needed for better living. It’s a well know African food accepted by many.
This plant is a common vegetable in Nigeria. Its abundantly grown almost everywhere in Nigeria because many people in this country realized the health benefits of it even though the leave might take a little bit bitter. There are three major tribe in Nigeria: Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa. In yoruba tribe, it’s been called Ewuro, the Igbo tribe called it Onugbu, while shiwaka is the name Hausa tribe calls it.
The Botanical name of Bitter leaves is called Vernonia Amygdalina. Traditional herbal healing centers have used bitter leaves for the treatment of different ailment, diseases just because of its medicinal value and healing power the leaves possesses.
bitter leaves health benefit and warning

Bitter leaves for better living

This leave can be prepare in different ways like juicing it with blender or juicer. Another way is by using the local way of squeezing out the juice – add water to the leaves and keep rubbing the leaves on your palm and squeeze out the juice. After you remove the scrubbed bitter leaves don’t throw it away because nothing waste in bitter leaves even though the juiced one gives effective health benefit than the remaining leaves.
The juiced Bitter Leaves can be used in preparing Bitter Leaves Soup, it’s a popular delicacy amongst the Southern part – Igbo and Yoruba – of Nigeria. This kind of soup gives a sensational taste when its been eating, even though you feels the bitter taste in your tongue you will later feel the sweetness when you swallow the vegetable.
Though the effective way to see the health impact of bitter leaves is by juicing it. Just 1 Cup a day energizes you.


– It’s good for weight loss because when used, it speed up metabolism
– It help greatly in reducing high sugar level in the blood, that’s why it’s been recommended for diabetic patients.
– Its reduces and cure anybody suffering from pile.
– By taking a cup of bitter leaves juice a day, it’s a great way to eliminate harmful toxins in the body.
– It’s good and nourishes the skin
– It also relieves fever, by drinking it 3 times daily until the symptoms disappears.

Warning In Taking Bitter Leaves

It is advisable for any woman who is trying to conceive or who is pregnant not to use bitter leaves juice because high intake might prevent conceiving and also cause miscarriage. The only way you can enjoy it without any complications if you fall to this categories is by using the bitter leaves left for soup after its been juiced out.
With that you are good to go.
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