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Beans is a general name people called the large seeds of the flowering plant that originated from the family, Fabaceae – also known as Leguminosae – that are consumed by both humans and animals.

Beans is nutritious and a true source of protein for humanity both young and old. The history of beans flows everywhere because it’s an ancient food that have been in place for centuries and will still continue to be in use because of its nutritional value.

beans and its health benefits

Blackeye beans – very nutritious and good to make lots of beans recipes

Apart from the general feature people know beans for, like being source of protein, It also contain complex carbohydrate, folate and iron. Beans also have high amount of fiber and soluble fiber, for a cup of cooked beans it can give 9 – 13 grams of fiber which makes it good for consumption. Food with Soluble fiber like beans helps in lowering blood cholesterol.

Adults are recommended to have up to 2 (female), and 3 (male) servings. 3/4 cup of cooked beans makes up one serving.

Health Benefit in Beans

1. It prevent heart disease: Going by research, it has been confirmed that people who eat more legumes have less risk of heart disease, and this might be because of the phytochemicals contained in beans, because the work of phytochemicals is to protect against heart diseases.
2. It fight cancer: Beans contains Isoflavones and Phytosterols which helps in reducing cancer risk. It can also be used as a cancer-fighting plant chemicals.
3. It lowers cholesterol: Beans is rich in soluble fiber and supplies the body whenever it is been eating, this makes it easy to control the blood cholesterol level. Studies show that about 10 grams of soluble fiber in a day can reduces LDL cholesterol by 10 percent. Saponins and phytosterols is also in beans and this chemical helps reduce cholesterol.
4. It’s good for weight loss: Because of its richness in fiber content, just a serving of beans will help you full fast than usual thereby causes a slower rise in blood sugar. Whenever you eat beans, it makes you full for long and gives you a steady supply of energy.
5. Good for babies and diabetic patient: Its a good source of protein for babies because of it’s richness in protein whereas protein is very essential for the building of bodies in babies and makes them healthy. Also in diabetic patient, the balance in complex carbohydrate and protein makes the glucose injected to the blood stream to be slow and steady instead of a sudden surge that can occur after eating simple carbohydrates.

How to prepare/cook beans.

I know it won’t be your first time you will be hearing the myth regarding salt and beans – that you should not add salt to beans immediately you start cooking it because salt will prevent it from making it soft quickly.

The truth is that, the rumor is baseless. You can add salt and beans together at the initial stage of cooking and it will be soft and done with better absorption of the seasoning.

The only thing that can cause your beans to be hard and not soften quickly might be because you are cooking old beans or you use hard water or there is an acidic ingredient in the pot, all this might slow down cooking. So, for better result use distilled water and cook new beans for it to be done fast.

Don’t stop only at adding salt with pepper to cook beans, makes it a memorable dish. In some tradition, it is there tradition to add ingredient like Crayfish, Ugwu leaves. You can also add sliced yam and many things that can conform to your taste and traditions.

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