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plantain fufu

Plantain Fufu

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Product Description

Plantain Fufu is one of our top-selling products in the African food category because it brings back nostalgic feelings about home. Fufu is a staple African food that complements a wide variety of soups and stews. The fact that it is rich in fibers does wonders for the digestive system. Adults and children easily digest it and a plate of Plantain Fufu makes you full without feeling bloated.

Plantain is lower in calories and carbohydrate however, it is significantly higher in sugar than cassava. Plantain fufu is a better option if you are counting calories or on a low carb diet. Plantain Fufu is easy to prepare.

Plantain Fufu is one of the solid African foods that you can enjoy. Plantain Fufu is being widely talked-about as a healthy alternative to these carb-heavy foods. If you are looking to enjoy an authentic Solid with Soup and Meat lunch, while also trying to keep your waistline trim, this tastier, lighter, healthier Plantain Fufu might be for you.

Tropiway Plantain Fufu is made from premium hand-selected plantain to ensure that only the best plantain enters the production stage. We make use of the best plantain that is directly from the source. It is careful prepared with your need for an off-white (dark), soft and smooth Fufu in mind. Unlike locally produced Fufu, Tropiway Plantain Fufu is odorless but taste delicious.

Mix vigorously. Mix until the white flour disappear and ensure consistent smoothness. Until your desire texture is reached.

We need not tell you that Plantain Fufu is delicious, if it’s not delicious; then, it won’t be plantain Fufu. The best part is that it doesn’t stick to the hands when you are eating it; hence, you can choose to eat your Fufu the African way without worrying about a mess on your fingers. Patronize us today; we sell, supply and deliver the best African food quality at the Afro Carabean Hub.


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