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cocoyam fufu

Cocoyam Fufu Flour

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Product Description

Cocoyam Fufu Flour is one of our top-selling products in the African food section because it brings back nostalgic feelings about home. Fufu is a staple African solid that complements a wide variety of soups and stews contain with different types of fish and meats. The fact that it is rich in fibers does wonders for the digestive system. Adults and children easily digest it and a plate of Cocoyam Fufu will make you full, satisfied without feeling bloated.

Cocoyam is a short swollen underground corm. It is much richer in starch and it is very rich in Vitamin B6 and Magnesium. Vitamin B6 helps the body in properly metabolizing glucose and preventing body infections while Magnesium helps protect the heart and prevent high blood pressure. Cocoyam fufu is made from mashed cocoyam. It could also come in powdered or flour form.

Cocoyam Fufu Flour is made from premium cocoyam (also known as Edo, Taro in Ghana) tubers of the elephant’s ear plant. Cocoyam Fufu flour is carefully prepared with your need for a white, soft and smooth Fufu in mind. During the preparation of this African food be patient and stir orderly, to give a succulent and smooth fufu you want.

Apart from being a solid African food, Cocoyam fufu powder can serve a variety of purposes in the kitchen. Cocoyam fufu Flour can be used in frying meat or fish to protect and ensure a uniform golden fry. Cocoyam fufu flour can also be used to thicken gravy, soup, or stew.

The best part is that it doesn’t stick to the hands when you are eating it; hence, you can choose to eat your Cocoyam Fufu the African way without worrying about a mess on your fingers.

Hurry up to get yours at our store and we promise that, you are going to like the Cocoyam Fufu Flour.



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