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Beans – Peeled Beans

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Beans – Peeled Beans 1.5Kg

Beans is an important source of protein in African foods, but we all know that it could be somewhat boring when it is cooked alone. However, peeled beans offer you a chance to make a variety of foods that will delight taste buds. Peeled beans is perfect for making Akara, Moin-Moin, Bean cakes, Ekuru and even the popular Yoruba “Gbegiri” soup.

This peeled beans is made from the premium grade beans available; hence, its sweetness cannot be questioned. It has been picked and sieved to remove all foreign particles. Then, it was washed and peeled to offer you a ready-to-cook ingredient for a wide variety of bean foods.

Now, you don’t need to be stuck with cooking boring beans because the prospects of peeling enough beans to make Akara looks daunting. You need not bother about what to do with the water or chaff that you get when you peel beans yourself.

This peeled beans can also be from the aspect of picking out the foreign particles in the beans, which is of much quantity, after picking, we wash and peel out the chaff, we spread and dry the peeled beans, after drying, blend (by using food processor or blender) the peeled beans. Since the peeled beans is of much quantity.

You can spice up your bean meal with this timesaving-peeled beans, by measuring out the quantity you want from the already grinded peeled beans, add water and whatever spice you want to give your beans meal, and you are well on your way to delighting the family with Akara, Moin-Moin, or Bean Cake.

The Afro Carabean Hub is the home to any African food that can imagine. Peeling beans is time consuming and requires energy, but to make it easier and convenient for you to prepare any kind of bean meal, quickly place your orders for your Beans- peeled Beans at an affordable price.



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