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African cuisines and food has been a subject of fascination and interest globally as Asians, Europeans, and Americans usually wonder what makes up the typical African food. An academic evaluation of African cuisine will show you that most African foods; even though starch-based are actually fortified with other classes of food to make a balanced diet. Below are some three general things that might interest you about African cuisines and food.

African Cuisine

  1. African Food is Diverse, Varied and Numerous

Africa has an enormously big landmass. Some people assert that if not for a trick on the map, the continent is bigger that North and South America combined. Africa is big and people of different tribes, races, culture, traditions and language populate most of the land. This level of heterogeneous diversity is the key reason there are thousands and thousands of African food.

The food in North Africa is different from what you’ll find in south, east, or West Africa. Interestingly, a closer observation will show you that the different foods are made from practically the same kind of raw ingredients. Yet, I can bet that number of different African foods that can be made from a single base ingredient will amaze you.

  1. African food is Mostly Organic

Most of rural African settings are agrarian in nature – even the herdsmen, hunting, and anglers’ communities also practice a level of crop production. Head into the African cities and you’ll be surprised by the number of homes that produce much of their food from backyard farms. Drive around a metropolis and you will find different unused plot of lands being used for subsistence farming by the locals.

This ingrained nature of farming in turn makes most of the African foods organic. You will find organic fish, beef, poultry, grains, legumes, vegetables, tubers, fruits, nuts and cereals among others in the typical African food. If you decide to eat any African food, you can be sure that you’ll be able to eliminate a whole lot of processed foods from your diet. More so, you won’t need to worry about additives and refined sugar in your meals.

  1. African Cuisine is Delicious

We really don’t know how we can convey the sense of how delicious African foods can be from mere words. Words are not enough to express the tasty nature of African delicacies in a manner that you’ll understand. Nonetheless, African foods though starch-based, are fortified with a generous amount of proteins and vegetables.

In addition, African foods go through a diverse number of processes that gives them a uniquely African taste. For instance, some African foods are baked, boiled, roasted, smoked, sundried, mashed, minced, and you’ll find some food that are best eaten raw. Tourists who have been to Africa are likely to tell you that most African food is spicy. Africans will tell you that African cuisine is delicious.

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