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Afang soup is highly nutritious as the soup consists mainly of vegetables. Nigerians enjoy this African food because it soup is prepared with a great mix of waterleaves and wild herbal Okazi leaves. Afang soup is medicinal as it relieves sore throats. It also deals with loss of appetite. Experts opine that it isrich in vitamins. Delicious is an understatement for Afang soup, but you don’t need to take our words for it. It has an excellent great taste and you can confirm for yourself by following the recipe below.

Afang Soup


25cl Palm Oil

Goat Meat, beef (optional) and 2 big African snails (optional)

Stock Fish and Dry Fish



Okazi/Afang leaves

2 tablespoons ground Crayfish


Salt (to taste)

Seasoning (Jumbo Chicken Stock Powder)

2 Medium onions and periwinkle

Before Cooking

Wash, drain, and slice the Waterleaves and Okazi/Afang leaves into tiny pieces. The sliced okazi/ Afang leafs should be grounded. Wash and dice 1 medium onion. Grind the pepper, crayfish with the diced onion. Slice the other onion in a separate plate. Wash thoroughly the goat meat, beef, Pomo, snail (with lime or potash), Stock fish (in salty hot water for 3minutes). Pour the goat meat, beef, snail meat, Stockfish, and Pomo in a plate, set aside as you get ready to prepare this delicious African food.

Cooking Steps

Boil inside a cooking pot, the goat meat, beef, Pomo, and snail meat, with the sliced onion, salt, and water. Place on the gas cooker until the meats are tender. Add the stockfish (dry fish) with water and cook for another 2 minutes.

Now add palm oil and allow the soup to boil for 2 minutes. Add the grounded pepper and crayfish. Pour the grinded okazi/Afang leaves, waterleaves, and periwinkle, leave until the leaves are softened and the water has dried up a bit.

Add seasoning and salt (to taste). Cook for 2 minutes and leave to simmer. Don’t overcook so that the leaves can still possess their greenness. The Afang soup is ready. Serve with any solid African food such as Pounded Yam, Cassava Fufu, and Garri and so on.


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