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Monthly Archives: May 2017

Yam flour is a carbohydrate-rich African food which is made from yam. The botanical name of yam used for the flour belongs to the family of Dioscoreaceae, while in the genus, Dioscorea. To prepare, yam will be peeled, sliced, and cleaned, after then it will be dried and blend it into a flour called yam flour or in a… Continue reading →

Honeywell Wheat Meal – Nutritional Fact.

Honeywell Wheat Meal is a nourishing meal that is produce from wholesome wheat meal that is naturally enriched for the enjoyment and satisfaction of all. This product was launch into the Nigeria market in November 2009.

The production of Honeywell Wheat Meal is made from premium world class wheat and contains 100% wheat no… Continue reading →

Egusi – Preparation and Nutritional Facts

Egusi is what people call the fat- and protein-rich seeds of a particular cucurbitaceous plants. In some part it is called agusi or agushi. The dried and grounded one are used as major ingredients for a popular cuisine mostly eating in West Africa called Egusi Soup. The country that grows this type of seeds… Continue reading →

Afang leaves or okasi leave is derived from the Afang tree (gnetum Africanum) and it’s called Wild Spinach.  It is found mainly in the deepest forest of West and Central Africa particularly in countries like Nigeria, Congo DC and some other Africa countries. It’s also available in Asia and South America countries.

This leave is use to make special… Continue reading →

Plantain chip is a healthy snack good for people on diet program. Many people prefer eating plantain chips above sweet potato chips or other greasy snacks because it contains high fiber content and have low sodium. Even though fresh fruit or vegetables are better off than snacking, plantain chips still possess good nutritional value that won’t affect your health plan.… Continue reading →

Smoked Fish – The Best Source of Protein

Have you been planning on ways to reduce your carb intake lately? Smoked fish should be among your new plan of diet because it has abundance protein content that can make up your balance diet. It’s an important part in cooking of African food most especially vegetable soup.

Based on what the… Continue reading →

Health benefit of Coconut Milk

What is coconut milk, and how does it benefit your health? Coconut milk is been considered as a ‘miracle liquid’. The reason is because it offers great benefit most especially in building up body’s immune defences and prevents diseases. Although coconut milk is not actually dairy milk at all – not like the normal milk… Continue reading →

Nigeria honey beans are a special bean widely eaten in all looks and crannies of Nigeria. The rise in eating this honey beans is because of its sweetness and honey-like taste it possesses. These beans belong to the family of plant called legumes, which are rich in protein and low in fat. This makes it suitable vegetable seed and great… Continue reading →

Plantain is a bigger form of banana if we are to go for the easiest description. Either ripe or unripe plantain is preferably cooked before heating unlike banana that can be eaten on the go. Plantains contain calcium and it’s abundant in them making it the best supplier of calcium to the body for stronger bones, teeth and nails. It… Continue reading →

Garri – Indispensable Flakes for Africans

Garri also known as cassava flakes or occasionally called tapioca in some place is a popular delicacy made from fermented and gelatinized fresh cassava tubers. It is widely known and eaten in Nigeria, Togo, Benin, Sierra Leone and also in Ghana.

This creamy-white, granular flour is mostly consumed by soaking it inside cold water.… Continue reading →

Scent Leaf: Health Benefit of Fresh Green Herb.

Scent leaf is a plants that has great value but rarely consumed by the urban dwellers while rural dweler still appreciate the health benefits they derives from it most especially by the elders in the community. Efirin (yoruba), daidoya (Hausa), nchanwu (igbo) or scent leaf, whose botanical name is Ocimum gratissimum, is… Continue reading →

Tomato Paste – History and Usage

Tomato paste is a thick form of cooked tomatoes that have been boiled for several hours to reduce its water content so as to turn it into a paste. This process strains the seeds and skins out and cooks the liquid tomato again to turn it into a thick, rich concentrate called tomato paste.… Continue reading →

Health Benefits of Red Pepper (Ata Rodo)

No event can pass without the use of Red Pepper because it’s usage is very important in any African Food. Red pepper gives you a crisp and incredible sweet either as a stew or being used to bring out the wonderful taste of vegetable soup. Red pepper is available round the year but… Continue reading →

Cassava – One Of The Best African Food

Cassava is a woody, nutty flavored and a starchy tuber that belongs to the spurge family of plant called Euphorbiaceae. It’s an african food cultivated annually in both tropical and subtropical regions because its a crop abundance in starch which was gotten from its tuberous root.

Cassava tuber is the major source… Continue reading →

Okra – Health Benefits and Nutritions

Okra or okro (US /ˈoʊkrə/ or UK /ˈɒkrə/) is a flowering plant that belongs to the mallow family. In some English speaking countries, Okra is known as ladies ‘finger’, gumbo or ochro. The origin of okra is traced back to West Africa, Ethiopian and South Asian geographical region. The okra plant is mostly cultivated… Continue reading →

Bitter Leaves and Better Living

Just as the name implies, bitter leaves is a plant that taste bitter but it’s underneath benefits makes it a unique leaf. Bitter leaves is useful and posses lots of health benefits that our body needed for better living. It’s a well known African food accepted by many. This plant is a common vegetable… Continue reading →